Steep rise with $6

Good way
to make money online

Who can participate?
Any person from any country who has a Payeer wallet. (Why Payeer?)

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About the project

On this page you can find 6 wallets belonging to the project’s participants. You need to register and pay for the wallets (one-click payment). Upon registration and payment, the program distributes your money among the wallets presented on the page and creates an identical page for you. On this page your wallet will take the first place, followed by the other 5 wallets from the previous page (the 6th one drops out).

Another person interested in your page also registers and pays for the wallets. The program transfers money to the wallets, including yours. Your wallet takes the second place on his page. And so on, until your wallet is at the bottom of the list.

How it works (a simple example):

Let’s assume that you’ve chosen the "$6" tariff and have invited 10 people.
Your 10 people = $10 ($1 from each participant). (the 1st level)
Each one of these 10 people has also brought 10 clients. Yours $10 + 10*10 = $110. (the 2nd level)
These 100 participants have brought 10 people each = $1,110. (the 3rd level)
These 1,000 have also brought 10 people each = $11,110. (the 4th level)
These 10,000 have also brought 10 people each = $111,110. (the 5th level)
These 100,000 have also brought 10 people each = $1,111,110. (the 6th level)
Your profit - $1,111,110.
And what if you choose the "$66" or "$366" tariff? Your profit will be 10 or 60 times higher!
This is an example. The real profit can be higher or lower. It all depends on your efforts and your luck. The project is just launching. People are eager to participate.

You need to take 3 steps:

  • Step 1. Register and pay for the wallets (One-click payment)
  • Step 2. Receive an email with the address of the web page where your wallet will take the 1st place (The email is sent automatically)
  • Step 3. Promote your web page. Spending 30 minutes a day is enough to achieve good results

Get your friends and colleagues involved. The more people see your page, the more money you earn!

Why Payeer?

This universal system is suitable for all categories of participants: from regular users to businessmen. The Payeer wallet has a number of advantages and provides great opportunities comparing to the other systems:

  • No one can ever block your account
  • No mandatory verification
  • No limitations on internal transactions
  • Many ways to top up the wallet
  • You can top up with a credit card issued in more than 200 countries of the world
  • Direct top up and SWIFT transfer to more than 200 countries of the world
  • Convenient transfer of funds to other payment systems and banking accounts
  • Registration in Payeer is very simple and won't bring you any troubles.

    Register your e-wallet now

The current list of wallets:

  1. P89981786
  2. Р20405589
  3. P94302986
  4. Р20405589
  5. P94302399
  6. Р20405589

Attention!!! Don’t pay for the wallets manually (separately). In this case the system won’t be able to create a page for you.

Please, specify your current email address. It will be used to send you an email with your page’s URL. We promise not to send you any spam and not to transfer your data to third parties.
Please note that your wallet’s number cannot be changed.
If you don’t have a Payeer wallet, you can create it here:

(It'll be $6.9 ($6 + transfer fee $0.9))

(It'll be $70.5 ($66 + transfer fee $4.5))

(It'll be $375 ($366 + transfer fee $9))

If you have any problems, please